About Blue Betty

Meet Blue Betty, the Prettiest Vintage Camper

Betty and I found each other in Kentucky during the summer of 2012 and how perfect that she was blue: blue like my first Schwinn bike, blue like the skies atop the mountains where I have lived, blue like the ocean and all things summer. Blue, as in my favorite color!

Blue Betty Vintage Camper

I named her “Betty” because it is slang for a hot chick, one that is fashionable, glamorous, good looking, and just a little bit sweet. They say the term actually comes from Betty Grable, the original pin-up girl. It is my hope that the vintage-inspired accessories we sell will make you feel like a “real Betty,” too.

Blue Betty Vintage Camper Interior

Even though she was already easy on the eyes, we gave Betty a little makeover. She got new cabinets, a fresh coat of paint, and some polka-dot curtains beautifully made by my mom. Finally, the guys at Craven’s Body Shop in East Nashville tinkered with a few nuts and bolts and now she’s ready to get rollin’! Oh, and did I mention that she’s stocked up with all kinds of vintage and hand-made accessories?